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Income Tax Return Filing Process Becomes Easy like never before

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The Income Tax Department has made income tax return filing process easier like never before. Now, the taxpayers can e-file their returns without any hurdles. A few days back, the Income Tax Authority has implemented new income tax return filing relief to individuals by facilitating the lite e-filing facility and quick procedure for ITR verification. The facility will be operationalized on the official portal of the department income tax efiling login website in India

“Lite e-filing” facility for Taxpayers

This is the lighter version of e-filing portal to make ITR filing quick and easy for taxpayers. The registered users can access this by clicking ‘e-filing Lite’ option in the home page of income tax e-filing login website.  After logging in, the taxpayers will be provided essential links that will enable e-filing of ITRs and get Form 26AS. Apart from this, the taxpayers can also download pre-filled or XML forms and view their past filed returns, among others.

 Alert: The Due Date of ITR Filing Extended to August 31st, 2019

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has already granted additional time for taxpayers by extending the deadline for ITR Filing to August 31, 2019, the tax filers have enough time to take necessary measures while filing ITR for the assessment year 2019-20.  Hence, before filing the return, it would be prudent to check Form26AS and the details of overseas incomes (in case of resident and ordinarily resident) like overseas bank statements, payslips, etcand ensure that all incomes reflecting therein are disclosed in the return of income.

In case, you fail to accumulate imperative details and disclosing your income, then, the income tax department will send you a notice for non-disclosure of income. So, to avoid such major interruptions, it is important to act intelligent and file income tax return online with all your proper consideration.

Know your tax slab

At times, the E-filing ITR due date is almost around, one should know the income tax slab in India that has been divided into categories, based on age and income. The first category of taxpayers is those who are below 60 years of your age and their total annual gross income exceeds Rs 2,50,000. The second category is the senior citizen i.e. 60 years and above but below 80 years and total annual gross income exceeds Rs 3,00,000. And the third being those above 80 years with a total income exceeding Rs 5,00,000.

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