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CBDT Cautions Taxpayers Not to Share PAN Details on Microblogging Sites

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In the recent statement by the Income Tax Department, it has cautioned all the taxpayers who are holding Permanent Account Number to not to disclose their ten-digit alphanumeric number PAN publicly on the internet and social media. The income tax administration stated that sharing personal information on the micro-blogging such as Facebook, Twitter, and other websites can lead to its misuse.

The warning, that also acts as an advisory, comes at a time after noticing that a lot of taxpayers have been asking a question and raising concerns about the processing of Income-tax Returns, ITR refund, etc on Twitter.

Thereafter, the income tax department responded on the same posts and warned all such tax assesses to not to mention their crucial details on Twitter. They said that Sharing of personal data, including PAN, can lead to cases of identity theft where villains can make transactions in your name without your knowledge.

May we also request you not to share personal details like PAN on social media to avoid it being misused!”  is the standard response of the Income Tax department on Twitter in a reply to all taxpayers who reveal their PAN on the social media site?

However, the Income Tax department has come out with an online inquiry form where if any taxpayers who have any query regarding the income tax returns can ask tax-related questions on the income tax department website. There, individuals can ask questions and get it answered directly from the I-T department officials.

In the form, you will be asked to provide the basic details such as your full name, PAN, assessment year for which the issue is reported, mobile no, email id, your detailed query, and social media user ID. Besides, the form’s basic criteria are to answer issued related to e-filing ITR, ITR filing process, and claiming income tax refund status. Once you fill-up the form the income tax department will soon answer your queries or address your concerns.

What happens if someone is using my PAN number for their transactions?

If you share your information at social media then there are chances of suspicious activity. Some people who may try to register on the Income tax website and try to efile income tax return by using your PAN number. In order to register on the site, the person should have to know your surname and date of birth correctly. This can be easily traced by your social profile. So, it is always advisable to be very careful while sharing your details publicly on social media.

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