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What is ITR Filing and what are recent changes in it?

ITR Filing

ITR Filing Income Tax Return can be a tedious task for the taxpayers in India, it is that time of the year when many taxpayers are gearing up to file Income Tax Return, here are a couple of things that every taxpayer should keep in mind before they start Income Tax E-filing For the Financial Year 2018-19.

Date of Birth is not required

Earlier the taxpayers were supposed to provide their Date of Birth while they logged into their e-filing account at the Income Tax Department’s official e-filing portal, but now its not required.

Documents related to ITR are now password free

Earlier the documents like Form 26AS and ITR-V were password protected, now the taxpayers can easily open these documents without any password.

Form 26AS can be downloaded easily

The procedure to download your Form 26AS from the TRACES website has changed, now after viewing the Form 26AS you can directly download it. Earlier, the TRACES website asked you the option using which you want to view your Form 26AS, i.e., in PDF, HTML or Text format. Using the PDF version, you could easily download Form 26AS.

You can choose the ITR Verification option at the time of providing details

Earlier the taxpayer could only the choose the verification option after submitting the ITR, but now the taxpayers have the option choose the mode of verification while providing the other details. Not just this, the taxpayer also has the option of changing the ITR Verification mode after submitting the ITR.


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