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File Income Tax Return without Linking Aadhaar

Linking of Aadhaar Card has made many taxpayers run from pillar to post, but fret not, as we will tell you how you can file your Income Tax return without linking Aadhaar Card. The Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT has notified that those who file income tax return online can file it without quoting Aadhaar number, this is valid for those who have not enrolled for the digital identification programme.

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This notification came after the Delhi High Court directed the Income Tax Department to provide an “opt-out” option, to make Income Tax Return filing feasible for those who do not have an Aadhaar Card.

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Until a couple of days back, the taxpayer was required to provide Aadhaar details to the Income Tax Department for the filing of Income Tax Return, but now it is not required. There were a lot of taxpayers who did not have Aadhaar Card, especially the taxpayers who belong to the Indian State of Assam. It was extremely inconvenient for many of the taxpayers to link Aadhaar while filing Income Tax Return.

Filing Income Tax Return


In order to make the filing of Income Tax Return handy for all the taxpayers in India, the Central Government has given a provision to taxpayers, so that they can file their ITR without linking Aadhaar Card.

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