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Claim Correct Amount while filing ITR

Anyone who has deducted tax must deposit it to the Government of India. This deposition of tax is done via Banks, as the banks are assigned the responsibility of uploading such TDS details into the Tax Information Network (TIN) central system.

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Most of the salaried individuals already have their taxes discharged by the means of tax deducted at source made by their employers. So, they do not really have any tax to pay at the time of filing of returns. It is important for a taxpayer to claim the correct amount as tax deducted while filing the Income Tax Return. The amount that you claim must match with the tax amount mentioned on your Form 26AS. Here is why you are required to claimed TDS should match with Form 26AS, and what needs to be done if TDS does not reflect in your Form 26AS at all.

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Mode of payment of the taxes.


Taxpayers generally pay their tax dues in the form of Tax Deducted at Source, Advance Tax AND Self-Assessment Tax.

Filing Income Tax Return


This is how Form 26AS is organised and updated.


Anyone who has deducted tax of a taxpayer must deposit the tax to the Government of India the deducted tax reflects on Form 26AS, as it is the annual tax statement of a taxpayer. You can download form 26AS from the Income Tax Department’s official website.

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In case there is any discrepancy then you will receive a notice from the Income Tax Department. It is suggested that you must resolve all the discrepancies taking Form 26AS into consideration before you file your ITR.


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