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Filing of ITR without Form 16

Form 16 is an important document while filing Income Tax Return. It is provided to you by your employer. It is also known as TDS Certificate and it is divided into Part A and Part B. In order to file your Income Tax Return, you will have to provide your Salary details and the details related to the Tax Deducted at Source.

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A salaried individual is supposed to receive his/her form 16 by 15th June 2018, for the Financial Year 2017-18. If you don’t receive your Form 16 by this date, then in that case you can file your Income Tax Return without your Form 16, but you will have to do the whole process of Tax Filing with a lot of caution.

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If you file your Income Tax Return without form 16 then you will have check the salary and TDS details, you have filed in your return as soon as you get Form 16 or Form 26AS.

There are various points that you need to keep in mind while filing Income Tax Return without Form 16: –

Filing Income Tax Return

  1. ·        You will have to include the all the sources from where you receive or earn income. You must know, if you fail to mention any of it, then in that case you may have to rectify your mistake by filing a revised return.
  2. ·        You can claim credit for TDS and advance tax/ self-assessment tax.
  3. ·        Verify your return with the same documents and maintain them for any tax audit in future.
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