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All about Income Tax Refund?

A taxpayer can claim Income Tax Refund in a particular Financial Year when he/she has paid, more tax than his/her tax liability for the relevant Financial Year. You may have paid extra tax in the form of TDS, Advance Tax or Self-Assessment Tax. There are chances that, you have paid more tax than you were liable to pay after claiming deductions and exemptions.

How to claim Income Tax Refund?

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If you want to claim Income Tax Refund, then you will have to provide a written proof of your income and deductions to the Income Tax Department. You make sure that you provide the complete details of all your income and tax deducted during the relevant financial year, so that the component of refund reflects in your income tax return. Remember, to claim your Income Tax Refund, online filing of the return is necessary.

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Can someone else claim Income Tax Refund on your behalf?

According to the Income Tax Law, the only person who can claim Tax refund is the person whose tax has been deducted. Well, there are certain exceptions to this and they are: –


  • In case of death, incapacity, insolvency, liquidationor any other reason when you are unable to claim/receive refund, then your legal representative or trustee or guardian shall be entitled for your refund.

Filing Income Tax Return


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