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Tax Notices and Responses to them

Filing Income Tax Return is not an easy task, there are times when you think that you have filled all the correctly and then pops up a Notice from Income Tax Department. There can be multiple reasons due to which a taxpayer can receive a notice from the Income Tax Department. There are special section under which a taxpayer can receive Notices from the Income Tax Department.


Let’s find out what are the various sections under which a Taxpayer receives Notice from the Income Tax Department and how can a taxpayer respond to these notices: –

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Section 139 (9)

In case you have filed your income tax returns (ITR) using the wrong ITR form or there is a difference between name mentioned in the form and PAN card, tax amount is not fully paid, taxes are paid without mentioning the income, and if you have claimed tax refund without mentioning the source of income, then in that case you will receive a notice under this section from the IT Department.




On receiving a tax notice under section 139 (9), you must respond within the deadline mentioned in the letter (which is Normally within 15 days of intimation). You just need to login to the official website of the Income Tax Department and go to the e-filing section. Click on the appropriate section for which you want to respond (U/s 139(9) in this case) and provide the correct information. If you do not respond within the given date, then your return will be considered as invalid.

Section 148

The Assessing Officer (AO) has the power to assess or reassess taxable income if he/she finds some valid reasons with strong proof to believe that the taxpayer is hiding certain income details of or trying to avoid paying the tax liable to him/her in a particular year. You may get this notice if you do not mention a source of income or calculation related to it. Notice can be served within the period of six-years, if the amount is more than Rs 1 lakh and within four years, if the amount is less than Rs 1 lakh from the end of the concerned assessment year.



The taxpayer should respond within the specified time period, in the given assessment year, and after that take further action as suggested to him/her by the tax consultant.

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