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How to Save Yourself from Tax Notices?

The tax notices that you receive from Income Tax Department, require your attention. If you avoid these notices, you may land up in trouble. Here are a few notices that taxpayers receive from Income Tax Department and we will tell you how you can cope with these notices.

Notice under section 139(9)

If you receive any notice under section 139(9), then there are chances that you have made errors in filing your taxes. Here alre some of the errors that you may have made: –

  1. You may have used wrong ITR Form
  2. Forgot to pay the entire due taxes
  3. May have put wrong PAN
  4. You may have claimed deductions but missed to mention the income source.

Once you receive notice under this section, you will have to go to the official government website of the Income Tax Department and select “In response to notice under section 139(9)’ and make necessary changes before submitting.

Notice under section (148)


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A taxpayer may receive this notice, if he/she forgets to mention an income source or calculation. If the amount that is under consideration is more than Rs. 1Lakh, then this notice can be sent anytime within 6 years, but if the amount is less than Rs. 1Lakh then the notice, should be sent within 4 years from the end of the assessment year. So, if you receive this notice, you must make sure that you file your returns within the assigned time by your assessing officer.


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Notice Under section 143(2)

The notices under this section can be received because of these three reasons: –

  1. Manual Scrutiny – After having been approved by the Income Tax Commissioner,the personally picked notice by the AO, will be sent.
  2. Complete Scrutiny – When major inconsistencies are found, a thorough checking of your return will be done.
  3. Limited Purpose – When a few minor details are found to be inconsistent and need clarification.

Once you receive this notice you will called for hearing, you will have to collect all your returns and required documents, based on the clarification you give in the hearing.


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